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Guardiã de Colinas, Unipessoal LDA.

Sede : Rua Sant’Ana a Lapa 198 – 1350-290 Lisboa

NIF : 514 174 838

The provision of the service of sale of our products online is dependent on the acceptance of the following conditions.

The validation of the purchase order assumes that the customer has taken note of and accepts the general conditions of use of the website.

The prices of our products are indicated in euros, all taxes included (VAT 6% or 23% in accordance with the Portuguese regulations and any other taxes applicable on the date of the order), unless otherwise specified and excluding processing and shipping costs.

To these tariffs will be added the customs taxes if necessary.

All orders made through the site, will be followed by a confirmation by email ; with respectively the detail of the order and the total amount including the cost of the transport.

In the event that Olistori is unable to provide a customer’s order, in whole or in part, Olistori will immediately contact Olistori to find the most appropriate solution.

Orders will be shipped upon receipt of a payment confirmation.

The duration of the expeditions is, on average of 2 working days, whatever the order; but this can go up to 7 working days in the event of a stock-out.

These shipping times also depend on our service providers including the company that performs the shipping service.

In the case of a special and / or urgent order, you can contact us by e-mail contact@olistori.com or by Tel: 00351 218 862 78

The value of the shipping costs, borne by the customer, is calculated based on the weight of the products, the weight of the packaging, adapted safe, and the destination of the shipment.

This value, shipping costs, will be indicated in the basket of purchases, before the final validation of the order.

Similarly, all taxes associated with products and transportation (eg gas tax) will be included in the total amount payable; with the exception of customs duties due outside the UE.

More informations :

Plus d’informations :
International zones and Transit Times
Costs according to weight and delivery area

The distribution of the order will be made according to the address indicated by the user and in accordance with the delivery schedules of the carrier.

Olistori will send the carrier the necessary information (addresses and contact) in order to reach you if necessary.

If we could not contact you and the order could not be received, it will be returned to the Olistori shop in Lisbon.

The value of the postage for the return of the goods will be due and will be the object of a request for refund.

If requested, we will resend this same order with a new voucher at your

All our products are properly packaged, with suitable packaging, however we recommend that all products be examined by the customer at the reception.

In case of irregularity or damage to the package (s), please keep us informed and check if the contents are intact ; if you wish, you can refuse the goods because you consider that it has not been transported in the best conditions.

In case of any anomaly when receiving the order, could you, if possible, make a photograph.

On the other hand, if you notice any imperfection or damage to the product, the customer must justify the reason for return and immediately report to Olistori who will resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

For any further information, and / or suggestions, please contact us by email : contact@olistori.com

The amount of the order will be refunded upon receipt and after verification that the products are in perfect condition.

Shipping costs will not be refunded.

All products sold by Olistori, are perishable and likely to suffer from alterations, dependent on handling conditions, unsuitable temperatures, brightness or humidity, therefore we do not accept the return of a product if the storage conditions and / or transport have altered its qualities.A product may be exchanged for another product available in the online store, to the extent that the exchanged product is in perfect condition, unopened and that the packaging is undamaged.

To exchange an article from your home, you must request a return by contacting us by e-mail contact@olistori.com, specifying the reason for return and your details to send you all the necessary terms and conditions return.

The shipping costs inherent in this exchange (return and forwarding) remain the responsibility of the customer.

The deadline for any return or exchange is 15 days from the date of receipt of the order.

Payment of an order must be made by :

-bank card (Visa or Mastercard)

Or by

-Paypal account,

Depending on the options offered when ordering online.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact us directly by email : contact@olistori.com

The shipment of your order will be effective, within 24 hours, upon receipt of confirmation of transfer.

Olistori accepts no responsibility for non-payment resulting from improper filling of all or part of the online form on the customer’s details.

OLISTORI will strive to guarantee maximum confidentiality and security of the information and coordinates transmitted through the online site.

The Customer will receive together with his order the invoice and the receipt of payment. In the case where the name and / or the delivery address are different from the name of the buyer, the invoice and its receipt will be sent by email, on request.




10- Products

The description, images or any other information about a product presented in the online store can be changed without notice.

Product photos may not fully correspond to the product.

If you want more information, please contact us By Email : contact@olistori.com

The description, images or any other information about a product presented in the online store can be changed without notice.

Product photos may not fully correspond to the product.

If you want more information, please contact us By Email : contact@olistori.com

The Olistori shop is an online platform for product sales (website Olistori) owned by Guardia de Colinas, Lda.

What are the required information :

When creating your customer account on the Olistori site, you will need to fill in : your name, your Email, a phone number and your address in order to consult and / or order on the Olistori online store.

The collected data will only be used as part of an order and to allow communication between the client and Olistori.

What use will we make of the collected information :

Olistori guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its customers. This information will not be the subject of a transaction : sale, loan or exchange with other companies, even partners.

The transmission of your personal data, and their use implies that you accept their use in accordance with our privacy policy.

To place an order on our site, or to consult it, you will have to register, by filling correctly the registration form.

After creating your listing, you can make your purchases by selecting your products and adding them to your virtual cart.

You will have to follow all the steps requested in order to finalize your order successfully ; Validate all the information of the delivery address and / or billing, and the payment terms.

The validation of your order assumes that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions of the online.

If you have accepted the sending of promotional information, in the form of newsletters by email or sms, at any time you can cancel this subscription by e-mail.

Your personal data will only be accessible to the service providers that are essential to the service you have subscribed to; such as the transport company contracted.

As part of a payment on our website, your payment will be redirected to the SIBS-Société Interbancaire de Service, SA, entity responsible for the processing of your personal data, in the specific context of online purchase of a product or service.

Summary of the use of your personal data and the retention period :

  1. a) Transaction Management – legal retention period 10 years.
  2. b) Customer loyalty program management – 3 years.
  3. c) Promotional information -2years (calendar year) since the last interaction
  4. d) Site Client Management or Platform – 1 Year (Current Year)
  5. e) Home delivery – 2 years
  6. f) Registration and retention of transaction certificates for a distance service – 6 months after the period of validity of the contract


What are your rights as the holder of personal data :

As the holder of personal data, you may at any time exercise the following rights : right of access, right of limitation of use right of portability and right of opposition of use, right of rectification, right of withdrawal, by sending a message by e-mail contact@olistori.com or by Tel : 00351 218 862 788